Founding Story

Meet Ellie Hang Trinh, Founder of Skin Probiotics

As a trained scientist and attorney, I approach every problem looking for its root cause or causes.

The problem that spurred me to develop our patent pending Skin Probiotics was my young children’s eczema and milk allergy. I had to find and eliminate the cause of their discomfort, not just prohibit them from enjoying life and subject them to treatments to keep the symptoms from making them miserable.

After years of research and running a raw dairy farm and farm store which served thousands of Houstonians in Texas, my husband and I unraveled the root causes of most modern ailments and discovered how to restore the body’s ability to function properly so that disease symptoms disappeared and clients no longer needed conventional or alternative treatments. The foundation of restored healthy functioning is hydration and mineral salt, traditional nutrition, and… BENEFICIAL BACTERIA. (Of course, emotional health also plays a significant role.)

I found that beneficial bacteria, which is the probiotic, was such a powerful part of the foundation that I fell in love with it. And, actually, without beneficial bacteria, we would not even be alive. Trillions of beneficial bacteria live in our body and play a vital role in keeping us alive and healthy (including preventing harmful bacteria from sickening us). The lack of beneficial bacteria is what allows bad bacteria to sicken us and causes us to have other health issues.

So, our patent pending Skin Probiotics was born. It helps patients’ skin balance and repair itself. Within a short time of use, the skin's microbiome becomes healthy and resilient and thus free of acne, eczema, premature aging and inflammation.